Chief Nursing Officer (Male) Jobs in Peshawar at Tabroos Group (Pakistan)

Title: Chief Nursing Officer (Male)

Company: Tabroos Group (Pakistan)

Location: Peshawar

Minimum Age 40+ Years

Minimum Experienced for senior / Post 20+ Years
Job Description

Promotes the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

Develops, establishes, and implements Nursing’s philosophy, goals and objectives that are congruent with the mission of CIH and NYC H+H, hospital-wide patient care programs, policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and protocols.

Organizes, directs, and administers the Nursing/Patient Care Services in order to provide the level of care required by current medical and nursing standards.

Responsible for the development and maintenance of the nursing budget (personnel, supplies, equipment, etc). Responsible for cost controls to ensure maximum effectiveness of funds expended from the approved departmental budgets.

Supports and develops Nursing/Patient Care Services in the coordination of the employee selection process, work assignments, performance evaluations, and staff development for these services.

Maintains continuing quality assessment and improvement analysis and evaluation of patient care delivery and communicates with Administration on the activities/issues of Nursing/Patient Care Services.

Plans and recommends to Administration new equipment, processes, and/or procedures needed to provide patient care.

Recommends, supports, and participates in education services, training and orientation of new employees. Encourages and facilitates the professional advancement of employees by affording opportunities for further education and experience.

Serves as a key member of the Senior Leadership team. Initiates and participates in problem-solving, policy development for the facility. Maintains close coordination with all departments to ensure continuity and collaboration of services.

Ensures that Nursing/Patient Care Services is focused on delivering patient centered care. Ensures that teams have the tools, resources training and expectations required to build and maintain affable relationships with patients and their supporting individuals.

Participates in Administrative Councils, Medical Staff Meetings, Quality and Safety Meetings, etc.

Responsible for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of performance and continuous quality improvement.

Ensures safe and balanced staffing/scheduling plans which define the allocation number and mix of nursing personnel in accordance with current patient care needs/outcomes for each area of the hospital where nursing care is being delivered.

Creates and maintains standards of care established by regulatory and accreditation agencies.

Participates in the planning, development and promulgation of programs, policies and procedures, and evaluative and monitoring techniques designed to implement the policies and achieve the goals established by the governing body and Sr. Leadership.

Supervises the implementation of corporate programs and policies and assists in coordinating activities between facility staff and corporate officers.

Develops and maintains relationships with community, labor and professional groups.

Develops, implements and evaluates programs to promote recruitment, retention, development, advancement, continuing education and training of nursing staff members.

Delegates, executes, and assists in other projects as assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract


Relevant Post: 10 years (Required)

Work Remotely:



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