Disease Surveillance Officer Jobs in Muzaffarabad at United Nations Pakistan

Title: Disease Surveillance Officer

Company: United Nations Pakistan

Location: Muzaffarabad

Organizational Context:Under the direct supervision of the Area Coordinator and technical guidance of the Provincial Surveillance Officer, the incumbent will work as Disease Surveillance Officer within the framework of national policies and guidelines defined in WHO programme and policy documents to provide support to the polio eradication efforts through support to disease surveillance and other strategies of polio eradication;

1.Coordination and Leadership:

Ø Provide Technical Support to District Polio Eradication Committee on Poliomyelitis Eradication and District Health Management Team on Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPDs), ILI/SARI and COVID-19 Surveillance in the assigned district.

Ø Work closely with government and partners to ensure coordination of different aspects of VPDs, ILI/SARI and COVID-19 surveillance.

Ø Advocate for support for VPDs, ILI/SARI and COVID-19 surveillance, and other priority interventions with policy makers in the district.

Ø Support the full implementation of the National Emergency Action Plan (NEAP) and other key policy documents related to VPDs, ILI/SARI and COVID-19 at the district-level.

2.Poliomyelitis Surveillance:

Ø Support district health authorities (DHO/EDO, EPI manager, District Surveillance Coordinator) in ensuring that there is a functional AFP surveillance system in place as per the national guidelines.

Ø Support preparation of detailed district surveillance workplans to be implemented by district Health authorities and partner staff.

Ø Review surveillance sites (active and zero-reporting) regularly and prioritize in light of the health seeking behavior data. Ensure that the regular surveillance visits to reporting sites are undertaken by the surveillance staff as per the workplan and no AFP case is missed from being reported.

Ø Ensure timely management of all AFP cases (investigation, stool collection and transportation, case classification).

Ø Organize and conduct detailed epidemiological investigation of urgent (hot), confirmed and compatible polio cases; AFP cases with zero OPV dose, AFP case clustering, WPV/VDPV positive environmental isolates.

Ø Facilitate that all data from AFP cases are properly collected, line-listed, analyzed and interpreted timely; andforwarded to provincial office. Ensure that appropriate actions are undertaken in response to the findings.

Ø Monitor and review the surveillance indicators, quality of data and proper documentation in the district(s) of responsibility and ensure the required actions are taken.

Ø Organize orientation/training/capacity building sessions for health care providers (formal and informal) and community informers on AFP surveillance.

Ø Assist in ensuring inclusion of all high risk/ underserved/ migrant population in the Surveillance network and all AFPs are reported from them.

Ø Ensure the environmental samples collection and transportation as per the defined SOPs

3.Assist with the strengthening of the integrated VPDs surveillance system, with emphasis to case-based measles and MNT surveillance

4.Support the district authorities in ILI/SARI and COVID-19 surveillance and response

5.Submit weekly/monthly reports to reflect progress achieved constraints and proposed actions.

6.Implement any additional deliverables, tasks and/or activities assigned by the supervisor

Functional skills and experience:

Ø The incumbent must have at least 1 year of professional work experience working on polio eradication, immu…


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