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Job Description

Job Description

Maintenance of logistical functions with MERF protocols and procedures, to ensure site objectives are achieved in collaboration with the logistics Manager. Responsible for site administration in close collaboration with health authorities, LD team and Country Office.


·Ensure MERF standard procurement practices are implemented. Including all documentation to satisfy Donor regulations and MERF Procurement Policy at the field level Keeping records to full audit trail standard under Donor regulations as well as MERF Internal Procurement Procedures and Policy for MERF activities at the field level and assist / support on their implementation.

·Ensure there is proper communication and co-ordination with the relevant departments regarding procurement and delivery of supplies and all parties are informed of any changes in a timely manner.

·Ensure the proper elaboration, follow up and works inspection, for contracts on works or services and that they are in line with MERF standard policies and procedures for procurement and are of optimum quality standards.

·Take a pro-active approach to ensure all goods required for the project implementation are in place when needed. Prepare procurement plans for goods to be purchased locally or through the Islamabad procurement department and anticipate lead times needed for transport and distribution.

·Ensure the establishment and maintenance of good professional working relationships with suppliers and contractors.

·Oversee all rehabilitation work being done on health facilities, keeping Islamabad logistics updated on progress / delays.

·Ensure all utility bills are received, checked and paid timely

·Supervise kitchen/dietary supplies and maintain proper records

·Oversee the fleet management at field level and ensure the provision of transport services to MERF program departments and staff are efficient, sufficient and always secure.

·Ensure the road worthiness and safety standards in all active vehicles in the fleet.

·Ensure all generators are regularly serviced, and all faults are reported to Islamabad immediately.

·Oversee the fuel consumption of vehicles & generators and comment / alert the Logistics Manager and Project Coordinator whenever normal rates and standards are exceeded.

·Ensure for the preparation of regular, timely and accurate logistics narrative reports and security updates as well as procurement report, assets update, communications directory, fuel consumption and stock reports as per MERF policy, to be submitted to the Logistics Manager and the Project Coordinator by the end of each month.

·Actively participate in the elaboration of donor reports, budget forecasts and project spend out plans as required.

·Any other task assigned by supervisor.

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Company Name: MERF Pakistan

Location: Quetta

Functional Area: Procurement

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